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‘Like All Good Neighbors’ is a Shadowrun RPG campaign set in 2071/2072 Denver. Originally born out of the second season of the Shadowrun Missions campaign, it is also our group’s first foray into 4th edition Shadowrun. ‘Like All Good Neighbors’ is still heavily based around some of the characters and locations found in the Denver Missions, but has swayed from the path quite dramatically. In addition, for the knowledge of any Guests, I’ve taken some liberties with the timeline of the Shadowrun ‘Metaplot’/Universe so be forewarned.

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With Shantaya’s compass safely recovered, REPO has been tasked with finding its missing chain. All arrows point to a runner named Stepan Martinez who, according to his team, has gone to ‘Karavan’ on the hunt for work. Always on the move, the nomadic city is a mystery – this time though, finding a way to get there is only half the problem.

—> Recap: Red Carpet Ride

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—> Karavan Shadowfile

—> Hong Kong Maps

—> Hong Kong Tourist Brochure

—> Shantaya’s Compass

—> Data Gathered

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