the Verge


Colloquial reference to the strip of land between Salish territories and Redmond (Seattle Metroplex), heavily damaged in the last eruption of Mount Ranier.

The land rights to all property in the area were purchased by Federated Boeing within weeks of the
tragedy, apparently as a public relations move to bolster the public image of the company. Though they purchased the land, nothing was ever done with it.

In time, squatters moved into the area, setting up shop in abandoned buildings and storefronts. Some streetwise squatters use power spliced from buried power lines or portable generators to power their businesses. The area is marginally patrolled by the Metroplex Guard and the Salish-Shidhe Border Patrol, as both consider the border their jurisdiction. The location is also a haven for gangs and criminal elements, foremost among which the Crimson Crush and First Nations gang.

(Entry last updated: 05-03-71)

the Verge

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