Post Bosnia Downtime

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The downtime where everyone split up will be handled a bit differently. Leading from this page will be a separate wiki page for each person. I’ll post a question or some descriptive text in the lower ’Player’s Secrets’ section on the page and will need you to edit that section with your answer or plans. The more descriptive you can get the better, but don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Basic ‘turn length’ is going to be one week – but depending on what each of you are doing, weeks may fly by – while others may be more detailed.

My expectation is that this will work out like play-by-post RP or choose your own adventure, but it’s also likely that some actions may lead to necessary resolution at the table if it’s important combat or some sort of side-job.

Link to —> Post-Bosnia Team VPN

Week One – May 4-10,2071 -

Max Week One

Job Week One

Redge Week One

Rasputin Week One

Week Two – May 11-18, 2071 -

Max Week Two

Redge Week Two

Character Sheet Corrections -

In addition – Hero Lab’s almost totally caught up with the Shadowrun line of books, now, so I’d like to do final corrections to what I have input for your character into Hero Lab. For some of you this may not be much, for some, it may be a bit. Just write down what needs to be added or changed on the character sheet, please!

Redge Corrections

Post Bosnia Downtime

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