Optional Rules in Use

Core Rulebooks:

  • Custom Fitted Armor – Armor Mod that raises Encumbrance base from Bodyx2 to Bodyx3 – Chris – I’ve applied this to your armor in Hero Lab and we’ll consider your current gear as having this. [Base Rules = Armor over Bodx2 decreases QUI/REA per 2pts over, FFBA counts as half. Lined coat has Ballistic 6 on it’s own, putting you at the limit before even the reduced FFBA, with the Custom Fit to both, it puts you as unencumbered. Plus tailored shit works for Redge anyway ;)]
  • Maximum Armor Modifications – Max modification rating points equal 6 or highest number (Ballistic or Impact) x 1.5 (round up). Unrated Armor mods take 1 pt. (p 44)
  • Armor Suit Capacity – Base book suits: Full Body Armor (Cap 8), Helmet (Cap 7); Urban Explorer Jumpsuit (Cap 6), Explorer Helmet (Cap 5) (p 44)
  • Armor Degredation – Enforced only when necessary or special circumstances; Armorer skill can repair body armor
  • All additional Ranged and Melee combat modifiers(p 159) – Jim – I often forget about (ranged)Target Point-Blank: +2 to hit target within one meter – Don’t let me do that, it’s mitigated often by Attacker in Melee Combat but you have bonuses for that anyway (p 159)
  • Strength Provides Recoil Comp – STR 6-9: +1 RC, 10-13: +2 RC, 14-17: +3 RC (163)
  • Martial Arts, Indirect Fire, Throwing Back Grenades, Wielding Two Weapons: Of course
  • Geneware +150% for the Awakened
  • Second-Hand Implants Advanced rules: Allows a roll to negate extra essence cost, adds ‘Buggy Ware’ quality – Fletcher we’ll retcon that second hand gear you have to allow for the roll to free up some essence hopefully, and throw in the second-hand buggy aspect of it into RP. Buggy Ware makes it one dice easier to get a glitch
  • Implant Maintenance: As long as you RP including monthly visits to your local PC cyberdoc Max, we can forego these extra costs to lifestyle. (Generally 1% monthly upkeep of total Implant value, fyi)
  • Essence Holes – Hell yeah
  • Severe Wounds – In use as an alternative to base longer healing times. (p 121
  • Mystical Healing – In use. Long term magical healing. Reiki, Chi, Acupuncture (via Assensing), or Herbalist, Witch Doctor, Homeopathic style (via Enchanting). Appropriate Knowledge skill needed. (p 123
  • All the wonderful Surgery rules since Max loves implanting Job with cyber they found floating in the gutter, and as his personal test subject-slash-living art piece. Edward Scissorhands what?
Runners Companion:
  • New Qualities – Basics yes, crazy shit on an individual basis.
  • Advanced Contacts, Advance Lifestyles, Faction – Yep
Street Magic:
  • Expert Aspected Magician Quality – in addition to regular version of Aspected(p31)
  • Ritual Magic – Not all magicicans participating must know the spell, but all magicians must belong to the same tradition
  • Arcana – Arcana is linked to the Magician’s tradition’s drain attribute, instead of specifically Logic
  • Security Tally – Analyze+Firewall roll successes build towards Tally threshold (14-Node’s system)[p39]

E-Books in use:

  • Digital Grimoire: New Traditions, Groups, Assaying, Focus Addiction, Unique Enchantments, Attuned Watcher Spirits, Possession Spirits, New Spells Adept Powers
  • Safehouses: Rules for Safehouses/Bolt Holes
  • This Old Drone: All the classics are available
  • Gun Heaven: Any of the Vintage pieces, Incompatible pieces, or one that specifically says it was out before 2071

Optional Rules in Use

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