LungLung is a Male Great Eastern Dragon whose primary interest is in China and the Pacific Ring of Fire. He is described as ruby red with gold highlights. He typically takes a metahuman form of a Chinese human dressed in Mandarin robes or business attire. While he does not have one official translator, he has a whole “family” of metahumans that act as his spokespeople. His primary lair is the T’ai Shan Mountain, Shandong, China. It is rumored that he is the leader of several Triads, most notably the Red Dragon Triad. He is described as a reclusive and patient dragon who tends to plan and manipulate things in the shadows, slowly spreading his domain rather than taking aggressive actions.

Lung has a great interest in “dragon lines”, or mana lines, and takes great lengths to control or manipulate these mana lines. It is rumored that his manipulation of the mana lines prevented the natural disasters that fell on the Pacific Ring of Fire from affecting mainland China, the same natural disasters that decimated Japanese-controlled territory.

Lung has a side interest in world religions, specifically smaller religious groups that are not affiliated or influenced by secular agendas. He is known to make large donations to religions of all kinds, and he is very critical of communism’s Marxist sentiment that “religion is the opiate of the masses”. He is a proponent of greater religious tolerance and spirituality in China’s government

Lung timeline old


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