Hong Kong Tourist Brochure

Welcome to Hong Kong! The excitement and glamour of the world’s greatest city awaits you. From the sparkling harbor area to the peace and calm and quaint surroundings of the Northern Reaches, from the stately luxury of Victoria Peak to the bustling markets of Yau Tsim Mong, Hong Kong offers a full range of attractions for visitors.

Traveling through a city as large and varied as Hong Kong can be daunting, but it does not have to be. This brief guide will acquaint you with the major areas of the city, putting you well on your way to becoming a local expert.

Hong kong timelineDowntown: This is the face of the city, the image with which most people are acquainted. Soaring skyscrapers, glowing lights, and energetic throngs of people all await you as you visit the heart of our city. Whether you are visiting the lively center of financial power in the office district, shopping the glamorous boutiques of Wanchai-Causeway, or touring the spectacular residences of Victoria Peak, you should find plenty of brilliant architecture and energy to engage you. Don’t miss the museums and other cultural offerings that dot the downtown area.

Eastern Hong Kong: Home to many of Hong Kong’s corporate workers, Eastern Hong Kong also boasts fantastic shopping. Be sure to visit Taikoo Shing if you are searching for bargains.

Kwai Tsing: The heart of the city’s vast shipping operations, Kwai Tsing welcomes many visitors to Hong Kong as they arrive at shore, ready to explore.

Kwun Tong: Kwun Tong is Hong Kong’s muscle, full of industry and factories building goods for the world. The wealth of transportation options here means that many visitors pass through this area as they tour our city.

Yau Tsim Mong: This is the area where many of the people who make Hong Kong special live, and its dense, energetic feel comes from their presence. Be sure to shop the Golden Mile, a seemingly endless collection of stores, street markets, and other vendors who sell just about any item you can dream of.

Kowloon City: Visitors are advised to avoid Kowloon City.

Tolo Harbor Complex: This area is dedicated to those who help keep Hong Kong safe, as it includes bases for Hong Kong’s Marine Authority along with the city’s Special Police Forces. The splendid Xuan Wu Aquacology is located here; check with your local Evo representative about options for visitors. Be advised that appropriate military clearance is needed to visit many areas of the complex.

Sai Kung: The small, charming seaside villages of Sai Kung provide a strong contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. Visitors are cautioned about visiting this area by boat—land travel provides the safest, most enjoyable way to visit this district.

Lantau Island: Long one of the most beautiful sections of the city, thanks to its vast nature preserves, Lantau Island has only been improved by the increased integration of residents with this space. The opportunity to live close to the island’s natural beauty and bask in its glow is something few would ever want to turn down. Some of the newest, most exciting entertainment options the city has to offer, including Virtual Horizons Disney, make their home on Lantau Island.

Southern Coast: The efforts of the Wuxing Corporation have helped the past come to life here, and the famed Wuxing Skytower is one of the most impressive buildings in this or any other district. Setting the urban glamour of that structure aside, life on the Southern Coast is often simple. Villagers fish with nets, people purchase their food for the day in bustling open-air markets, and the entire area feels as if it were something carried over from a previous century.

Northern Reaches: If you need to take a break from the energetic urban lifestyle that characterizes the city, the Northern Reaches are waiting for you. Full of farms and small villages, walking through the Northern Reaches is rejuvenating and relaxing, turning your thoughts to an earlier, simpler time.

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Hong Kong Tourist Brochure

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