Denver Syndicates and Gangs

Syndicates/Underworld Organizations

KoshariPCC-based Hopi Crime syndicate
Casquilho FamilyUCAS-based American Mafia family. Intel and Smuggling.
Chavez FamilyCAS-based American Mafia family. Prostitution and Gambling.
Vory – Aggressive Russian syndicate, spread out over all Sectors
Triads – Chinese Crime syndicates – Golden Triangle and White Lotus
Yakuza -


A-POS – Small Warrens “street tribe”
Aurora Angels – Small Warrens Hacker/Go-Gang
FrontsUCAS/CAS street gang. Generally broken up into cells of 30. Over 400 members in the Denver ’plex.
Ghost RidersPCC-based Go-Gang. Mostly women.
GodzPCC-based Ute Elven Go-Gang, very numerous. Control most of the highways in the PCC sector.
Three Kings – Small Warrens Street Gang

Denver Syndicates and Gangs

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