Denver Locations

Denver hdr

:UCAS Sector:

Marcel’s – A street-tough counterculture Italian restaurant/Diner

:CAS Sector:

Five by Five – A ‘Cheers’-like Smuggler bar underground Denver, in the failed subway project
Klub Karma – A Triad club
Mystic Curiousities – The herbal remedy shop of Zhang Wong
University of Denver – Thriving CAS sector University

:Sioux Sector:

Horse Trot Ranch – Corporate retreat
South Platte Park
The Hardpan – Anglos not welcome

:Pueblo Corporate Council Sector:

Denim – A bar and live venue, Hopi themed. PuebSec frequents here
DocWagon Hospital Complex – Largest DocWagon facility in Denver
Lakeside Amusement Park – Amusement park-turned Casino
Lakewood Correctional Institute – Still active. Top of the line bad-guy storage
The Rattlesnake Grill – Best southwestern food in the Treaty city

:The Aurora Warrens:

:The Hub:

Denver nightlife

ZDF Headquarters – Headquarters of the Zone Defense Force

The Tower of Babel – Hacker bar, full of Ritz and Flash, even if it is Augmented

Denver Locations

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