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In 2055, the city of Chicago was changed forever when a massive outbreak of insect spirits poured out of downtown Chicago, prompting the UCAS government to create a containment
zone. A hundred thousand citizens were locked inside the Zone, along with the bugs, and the place became a living hell. The subsequent detonation of a subtactical nuke and the release of
the dual-natured FAB III bacteria, which killed dual natured creatures, only made the place worse. Today, most people associate Chicago with trid images of feral gangs and warlords controlling the streets, of destroyed buildings, hidden insect hives, and a lack of—well, any modern comfort. It’s not all true. Sure, even the locals will walk twenty miles through the Westside just to avoid crossing into the Downtown core. And sure, magic is totally screwed up there—look for the patches of healthy Awakened plants, like the tall grey-leaved Chicago Grey (a hemp) or the Kudzu Awakened Ivy. That’ll tell you if it’s safe to cast magic. If you do
run into a cloud of the FAB III, quickly turn off any foci and stop perceiving or projecting, and you should be okay … although you might want to check and make sure none of it’s clinging to
you. Stuff is nasty. We don’t want you bringing it home!

The wireless network ranges from none to almost none. Okay, there’s a few places, like the O’Hare subsprawl, where the corps have built up an infrastructure. But for most of the rest of the city, the few people who do have ‘links keep ‘em in hidden mode, and there isn’t even a mesh network worth using.

Which brings up my next tip. The economy. Don’t expect to be able to buy anything—lodging, food, drinks, cute guys—with a nuyen transfer. Hell, since most of the people there don’t have ‘links, certified cred-sticks are useless as well. Barter is the name of the game. Medical supplies, echargeable batteries, useful tech, food, drugs and alcohol, those are the currency inside the city. A lot of places and people will also accept services, so if you know something useful—medical types and techies especially— you can barter your talents for goods or services. Of course, the big outfits, like the Mafia or the corps like Spire Enterprises take nuyen.

Transportation can be a real treat. Outside the O’Hare subsprawl, most vehicles run on ld-fashioned fossil fuels and biodisels. Heck, really the only place you can drive is in the orridor anyway. Almost every street in the zone is blocked off and full of abandoned vehicles
from ’55, and outside the zone, there’s little-to-no maintenance of side-roads. No grid-link, either. On the bright side, there’s no traffic patrols, so if you really want to try those trid-stunts, go ahead. Unless you’re sticking to the big freeways in the corridor, expect
travel time to take, well, forever, and don’t be surprised if you end up having to just walk places. Just remember to pack a lot of ammo.


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