CHASE - Errant Knight!


Trid Series, Ares Global Entertainment

A mixture of product placement, reality-action, and pandering to the politically conservative UCAS and CAS crowds, CHASE: Errant Knight! (exclamation and capitalization intended) follows a licensed bounty hunter around Seattle, and occasionally across the continent, as he uses Ares merchandise to shoot the snot out of criminals. The Anglo elven hunter, whose Sioux wife has been largely ignored since even her presence didn’t help NAN ratings, drives around town wrapped head to toe in gear made by Ares or Ares subsidiaries. He drives big Ford trucks or Mustangs (and invariably only gets into high-speed chases on the episodes he happens to have the sports car), uses Ares guns, Ares Cuffs, Ares armor, with Ares-affiliate music playing on his radio. He’s accompanied by a small fleet of camera drones who capture the action from every angle as he hunts down and apprehends an assortment of criminals (whose dossiers always seem to show they slipped through the fingers of some security agency besides Knight Errant, of course).

  • Despite all that, Chase is the real deal. I’ve seen him shoot.
    • Hard Exit
  • Yeah, he’s so real that his whole show is an hour-long commercial for Ares’ crap. What kind
    of payday does this guy get, for cruising around Seattle and shooting up a few bums, just because
    he does it in front of a few drones?
    • Black Mamba
  • Jealous?
    • Pistons

As ratings flagged in the middle of last season, the show’s producers have started to branch out. Chase has occasionally recruited local help during his special road trip episodes, and rumors are flying that the show will start to do the same when filming begins again in Seattle. Their “Errant” knight may not be running solo for all of the fourth season, and fans are excited about the prospect of seeing real shadowrunners get into the action alongside their photogenic trid star.

  • Huh. I guess they heard me.
    • Black Mamba

CHASE - Errant Knight!

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