Like All Good Neighbors

The Grab
The shadows can be a dirty place to make a living. When opportunity's call involves extracting an eleven-year-old girl as part of an elaborate and bizarre extortion scheme, the shadows can get much dirtier… and some stains can never be washed out.

Notable Events:

  • First meeting with Lady Jade
  • Interrupt firefight between Lady Jade and some Godz that were sent to kill her, rout the Godz, but not before Lady Jade is critically wounded.
  • Manage to get Lady Jade to Zhang Wong at Mystic Curiosities in time to save her life.
  • One of the hottest shadow teams in the Denver shadow scene was hired to take out R.E.P.O. – without even realizing who they were, REPO shut them down.
  • An emotional response to an Innocent death eludes to a deeper past behind the faceless deal-broker, Max

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Best Served Cold
Revenge, corporate interference and dealings with the mafia, it’s all part of the day to day life of shadowrunners. When a high-ranking executive gets involuntarily extracted though, it’s time for a team of deniable assets to bring him back.

Hired by Jaron Falcone of the Horse Trot Ranch to settle a matter of a missing client and blackmail.

Notable events:

  • Foul ‘The Void’s’ blackmail plan.
  • Shootout with a rival Shadowrunner team – The Black Cats. First of many instances where it will be shown that R.E.P.O. don’t give no love for others in the ’Biz.

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Parliament of Thieves
A simple smuggling job. Get the goods from the Koshari. Deliver it to the Mafia. Avoid the Yakuza, the Triads, the UCAS border patrol, and the Zone Defense Force. Just another day in the Front Range Free Zone.

Notable Events:

  • Though there was much discussion, the package was delivered unopened.
  • First run-in with An Peng, among others.
  • Job blasted (at?) Jonny Ono [Yakuza] with his Yamamoto.

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