Sextant (Sexton) of Worlds

An ancient cursed cross between a Sextant and Armillary Sphere


“To the Aztechnology corporation, I leave the Sexton of Worlds,
with the provision that the corporation and the government of Aztlan
ban the practice of blood magic in territories under their jurisdiction
within a year of my death and submit to an outside investigation to
verify this ban, the investigator to be designated by and answerable
to the Draco Foundation.”
— Dunkelzahn’s Will (2057)

Sextant worlds

The Sextant itself is a cross between an armillary sphere and a navigational sextant, although what it might navigate is a mystery known to only a few. In the center is a sphere of polished
orichalcum, which anchors a small, unremarkable stone. The sphere is mounted on a staff, which is intricately carved with spiraling designs and undeciphered glyphs—symbols which are also found on the Piri Reis map.

Armillary Sphere
Armillary sphere

Navigational Sextant


Sextant (Sexton) of Worlds

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