Mossberg "Super Shorty" Assault Shotgun

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Super Shorty Violence Continues!

Last month’s hijacking of over 500 Mossberg “Super Shorty” assault shotguns continues to terrify people across the FRFZ. Six additional assaults and armed robberies in the last 48 hours have been attributable to these weapons.

Stuffer Shack employees continue to be hardest hit, with two dead and one injured in the latest round of violence. Fifteen-year old Serina, who asked that her last name not be used for this story, was an eyewitness to one of these fatal attacks.

“I never see’d the shotguns until the boosters took ‘em out from under their jackets. They shot the place up, and fragged the breeder behind the counter. After they checked him out, they backed a van right up to the doors, and hauled off a drekload of stuff. I just took a couple bags o’ soychips and ran out of there. I never want to see somethin’ like that again, unless it’s just that bleached ganger. He was a hottie. I’d do some jamming with him.”

Super Shorty Reviewed!

The Super Shorty is a pistol grip shotgun, similar to the famous Remington Roomsweeper. However, the Super Shorty is capable of firing full size 76mm 12 gauge shotgun rounds of any type. The foregrip provides control and also operates the pump action.

When faced with the Super Shorty, our expert consultant razorboy, Katana, has this advice: “Seek cover immediately, and try to use misdirection or pop up attacks to get the perp to use up his ammo. Even with one in the chamber, he’s only got three shots. Then either get your hoop out of there or take him out with aimed fire, depending on your level of expertise.”


Mossberg Super Shorty Assault Shotgun

Damage 5P, AP -, Mode SA, RC (1), Ammo 3(m),
Availability 12R Cost 700¥.

Description: This shotgun’s extremely short barrel gives it the concealability of a machine pistol when its foregrip is collapsed, or as an SMG if it is extended. The foregrip must be unfolded to fire the Super Shorty, which is a simple action. Even though the Super Shorty is pump action, the foregrip allows for the equivalent of semi-automatic firing. When using flechette ammunition the shotgun is always fired as a wide spread, changing the damage to 3P(f), AP +6, and -4 to the target’s defense pool (pg. 144 SR4).

Mossberg "Super Shorty" Assault Shotgun

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