Derrin 'Wailer' Sanders

Old amerind dwarf, (ex)smuggler - Seattle Restaurant Owner


‘Wailer’ is an old dwarf of seemingly amerind blood. Despite that, he speaks in a slight french/cajun accent. He dresses well, usually in an old suit complete with a fedora. He’s never seen without two items – the first being a battered harmonica, the other is an exquisitely carved oaken cane. The handle of the cane is a looming/screaming banshee-like spirit with a face filled with rage.

He walks with a slight limp and leans on the cane heavily, is obviously a heavy drinker, and speaks in a low gravelly voice that doesn’t really carry any emotion.

Piano Has Been Drinking


WailerREPO currently knows very little about ‘Wailer’, other than that Legs also occasionally refers to him as Derrin, or ‘Ban’. Public records show that he’s been the co-owner of ’Shorty’s Cajun Bar and Grille’ in downtown Seattle for nearly twenty years.

The clincher though, is that somehow – he has access to his very own personal T-Bird and happens to be a remarkable pilot – as they’ve found out.

Derrin 'Wailer' Sanders

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