A talented—and very lucky—mage with a good reputation in
the shadows. She’s a Latina human with black hair and vivid dark
eyes. She’s survived in the LA shadows by being great at what she
does, although she’s very careful not to let anyone get too close.
She’s loyal to her team, but above all, she’s a survivor.

Sonora was the Leader of the ’Runner team that had originally stolen the Sextant of Worlds for the Aztlan Blood Mage, Itztli (Deceased). The Denver Team tracked her through blizzardy Chicago, the Denver shadows, across San Bernandino, and eventually into the Deep Lacuna.

She was rescued from the Blood Mage Itztli (Deceased), and aided the ’runners in their fight against him.

She was allowed to leave (without the Sextant), as professional courtesy.




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