Raghnal Druce

Redg (as he is commonly known) is a 7.5 foot tall, 184lb blond spiky haired elf, he carries himself in a Noble Intelect type manor. On his off time he hangs at the clubs spending time picking up boys and partying.


Since Redge came to Denver his life has completely changed. The last two years since he woke up with the Elven Druid group and was taught the ways of Goibhniu seem like ages ago, he now understands why he had to leave and find his own way. Out side the forrest of the Promised land Goibhniu’s teaching are applied to the world in a commpleatly new way, bringing nature and wonder to the world around him. Redge has been with the same group of runners now for a while and he feels conected to them, each has a place in the group and is nessisary for the whole to work. Our priamary goal seems to be looking for artifact from the old days, our bennifactor and Frosty have charged us with the collection of these objects and I have had Goibhniu’s blessing to go forward and collect them, I belive they are more important than anyone really understands. I had one experience that really changed how I see things and I have been kind of obsessed with since it happend. I had called on a storm spirit to make a blizard in the industeal district of Denver, it was for a job we were doing, and Ghost Walker came and freed her, it was amazing. The very presence of the Dragon was unreal. Ever since I have been reading as much as I can on Dragons and who they are and what they want, they are an amazing being, I can’t really call them people because it dosen’t do them justice they are more than that. Also I have come to realize that Goibhniu is not finished creating me, he started the process of who I am now and it is up to me to finish, kind of like when the smith is working at the forge and he is done with the sword and then the finishing work has to be applied to make it truly unique, getting ride of the slege left on the blade. I have come to realize that my aura is slightly off balance with this new world, I have some issues using some tek and I have an alergy to plastic, I belive with a little time I might be able to smooth things out and really shine.


Raghnal Druce

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