Chicano Dwarf that works out of Marcel's, for the Casquilho Family


Broad shouldered, the chicano dwarf is wearing a tight fitting tank top and loose slacks. The shirt reveals the intricate work of tattooed sleeves that goes from the back of his hand, all the way up to caress his jaw line. Chrome and steel catches the light at odd angles reflecting off the line of skin posts that starts at Ramses’ Adam’s apple and disappears beneath the tank top.

Shorter than most of the men he kills, Ramses is a Chicano dwarf with something to prove. Darker
skinned than most Chicanos, hinting at Amerindian blood mixed in several generations back, the dwarf sports tattoos from the edge of his jawline down to the backs of his hands. Skin posts decorate his chest, while his left ear almost looks like it has been replaced with the amount of chrome and jewelry shoved through the skin and cartilage. Ramses is a hard-ass who wants to know everything that’s happening before he gets involved. His soft spot is guns—brand new or well-loved, he loves his guns.

  • The Don’s longtime security guard, Ramses, has a strong dislike
    of Peder. Maybe it’s the disrespect he gives the Don, maybe it’s
    Peder’s fascination with poisons.
    • Sticks

Shadowrun dwarf inked by eppy



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