Penelope Wang

Hong Kong assistant for Ehran the Scribe


Penelope Wang is an ork of 26 years. She was born and raised in Hong Kong, and adheres to the traditions of both Chinese and British formal behavior. She is in the employ of Ehran the Scribe, who retains her for his visits to Hong Kong, when she serves as a (mostly ceremonial) bodyguard and friendly native guide.

Wang speaks quite formally, but only when addressed. She is proper, polite, and perfectly attired. Both her words and her actions are graceful. She keeps her opinions to herself unless asked, and when asked her opinions are astute and perceptive. She makes a show of service in the Hong Kong tradition, proclaiming by her attention the high status of those she serves, which is usually Ehran the Scribe but in this case is the team.


Penelope wang

Penelope Wang

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