Hsui Li Bennett

Metageneticist, Heiress


Hsui li bennett

Hsui Li Bennett became a rather young heiress during the Year of the Comet, when every other member of her family fatally goblinized. Rather than live a life of luxury, she used her money to
fund a world-class education, and she now holds doctoral degrees in Genetics from Harvard University and in Metaphysics from Jiaotong Wuxing University. She is the foremost world authority
in metagenetics.

Given her prominence in the field of magical genetic research, she finds herself no stranger to shadowruns, but as a target rather than a participant. In this role she is a veteran of two failed
extractions and a number of datasteal runs. She has developed a knack for spotting shadowrunners and feels rather unimpressed by them.

She is the original donor of the Medallion of Dasharatha to the Hong Kong Museum of Ancient Art. When its chain was found to be a fake, she made a deal with REPO to help them find it, in return for their promise to return the medallion to the museum.

Hsui Li Bennett

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