Former In-and-Out Employee


‘Abdul’ is a former In-and-Out employee who Max worked with while maintaining a cover. Though initially the relationship was far from friendly, Max gained an appreciation for the man’s candor and business sense.

Since leaving his In-and-Out cover and starting his street doc business in the Aurora Warrens, Max has hired Abdul on as his personal assistant. Abdul has taken to Max’s illegal activity in a very Walter White-esque method, driven by his need to secure the safety of his family, all SINless immigrants living in Denver’s most dangerous neighborhood.

Abdul manages Max’s medical stock ultra-efficiently, has improved the reliability of materials being used by Max and Redge to reverse-engineer and distribute Tempo/Flipside, and does his best to keep the A-Pos gangers in check.

Max has recently given Abdul a raise, which has allowed him to move his family out of the Warrens and away from the chaos caused by the Aurora Inferno.


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