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After an All Expense Paid Trip to CalFree’s ‘The Mountain’ fell-off-the-truck courtesy of Frosty— Redge, Max, Job, Snowball, and Powder caught a ride home to Denver on a privately chartered jet.

Somewhere before the Rockies, immediately after a bit of turbulence, the jet redirected itself towards someplace in the pacific northwest. Fearing the worst and very quickly confirming it, Max and Job immediately began to run ECCM protocol and tried to force their way into the cockpit. Max successfully jammed whatever signal had hacked the jet, and Job went to work regaining control of the Jet via the matrix.

With Job laid out after a run in with some imbedded Black IC, triggered after he piggybacked his way into the jet’s wireless node on the recently cutoff datatrail of the mystery Hacker – Max switched to less dainty measures and cut the cockpit’s door off with a microtorch.

After seeing to the unconscious pilot, Powder attempted to reassert control over the vessel, but it’s own security system had been triggered in the attack and prevented him. Eventually, Max (with Job’s help) was able to hard-wire control back to the secondary systems, and get the flight back under their control. They discovered that the autopilot had been rerouted to Seattle (via Spokane). Curious about who had gone through the trouble to hack their Jet yet keep them alive, the team decided to let the jet continue on course, but prepared for trouble on the ground.


The plane landed safely at an ‘unused’ runway in Cascade Ork territory and the team was met by a hacked MetroTours tour van. It’s HoloDriver let them know that lodging had been arranged for them in Tacoma and that they’d be contacted in three days.

True to word, the team was contacted in three days to meet a Mr. Johnson, but set forth with the restriction that only two of the team were to attend the meet. As the acting Face, Max went with Job as backup. The meet was at a roadhouse-styled bar and Mr. Johnson met them upstairs.

Approaching the Johnson, the two could tell quickly that it wasn’t your average corper. He sat with his arms outstreched along the top of the booth, openly facing the team as it approached. He was dressed nicely, but had taken his suit jacket off, exposing a ‘styled’ wife-beater to match his Vashon Island suit pants. The wife beater showed what looked to be a twenty-year-old Cybertorso of Eastern European make—it was dented, scarred, reinforced with blocky armor plating, and had what appeared to be some sort of gang id spraybrushed on it. When they approached, the J took off his mirrorshades to reveal that he was none other than Rasputin, a fellow team member that was thought dead and abandoned during a recent job in Chicago’s containment zone.

Rasputin’s life had apparently been saved by someone working through the Anarchist Black Cross, who used an old cybertorso and some other available parts to counteract wounds sustained during a battle with bug spirits. Rasputin had awoken in Seattle a few hours prior, alongside his previously missing Macauhuitl weapon focus and a
note from his mysterious benefactor with directions to make a meet and deliver a message. Though suspicions lurk and rumors are circulating about Rasputin’s unknown angel, the team hesitatingly took him back under wing after a Kelvin series of DNA tests and other medical scans carried out by Max.

The message that Rasputin was sent to deliver was simple: That one of Frosty’s old runner team, a decker named Kelvin, was still in Seattle—and that it would be in their best interests to look him up. They retired to Job’s room to begin legwork.

Intel Gathered – Link: SEATAC Sweetie’s blog

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