Like All Good Neighbors

Red Carpet Ride

Hong kong museum

With the rest of REPO staking out an exfiltration route for another shadowrunner crew all the way across Victoria Harbor, Redge (as Alec Drake) and Penelope attend the high profile opening of the ‘Artifacts of Antiquity’ exhibit at the Hong Kong Museum of Ancient Art. With no hope of backup if something goes wrong, and the guest list including the names of people the like of Ares CEO Damien Knight, Wuxing CEO Wu Leng-wei including his wife Sharon and their quintuplets, and the great dragons Lung and Ryumyo – the pressure was on Redge to keep his head down low and to play his cards right if there was any hope for the retrieval of the medallion of Dasharatha.

Whether by Fate, Destiny, or Divinity – Redge befriends two young Hong Kong orphans who have been using their budding hacking skills to live in the forgotten corners and passages of the museum unseen. With their aid, the three make a daring rooftop escape with the medallion – all in return for one promise, that he takes them from Hong Kong and teaches them how to be shadowrunners.

With the prize in hand, exhilaration at a heist gone well turns into grief, as a detailed assensing of the medallion reveals that while it /is/ in fact Shantaya’s compass, the chain holding it is a remarkable replica. An incomplete artifact will do their employer no good, so the hunt resumes.

Braving a meeting with Hsui Li Bennett, the original donor of the medallion to the Museum of Ancient Art, the world’s leading metageneticist and a woman who Redge had made a particularly unfavorable impression on at the opening gala – the crew quickly gets back on track.

Following leads from security footage of a failed break-in at Ms. Bennett’s mansion, REPO tracks down ‘Second Tiger’, a Hong Kong runner crew. Through charm wit the use of sweet, sweet NuYen, REPO finds out that a third member of the crew, Stepan Martinez, left for the nomadic city of Karavan about a week ago, to find work.


VonSteubing VonSteubing

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