Like All Good Neighbors

New Dawn

With the events of the Aurora Inferno only a week behind them and the ruins of a large portion of the Denver Warrens still smouldering, REPO has been doing it’s best to lay low, when an email from Ehran the Scribe comes in, asking for a meet in Colorado Springs.

Knowing full well that their work for Frosty and her employer often take them quite a distance from the FRFZ, the crew gathers its traveling gear and accepts the meet.

Whether by poor luck, fate, or divine intervention, the crew has a run in with the same elf in clown’s makeup that they had last seen Frosty leaving with, as they arrive in Colorado Springs. Dressed in a full tuxedo and pursued by a squad of Pikemen Security Service mercenaries, he charges through the cafe where REPO is waiting for their meet and ditches his pursuit straight into their lap.

The resulting firefight is quick and brutal, with the well-trained mercenary unit as more than an even match for the caught-by-surprise crew. In the end, REPO barely survives the onslaught through a combination of Job’s distraction and Max’s surgeon-precise flanking attack.

With Knight Errant closing in on the crime scene as REPO collects their wounded, only the timely arrival of Ehran’s limosine and the status of its occupant is able to disarm a second, even more volatile situation.

While enroute to the airport, REPO takes on Ehran’s job: the theft of an item called Shantaya’s Compass from the Hong Kong Museum of Ancient Art.


VonSteubing VonSteubing

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