Like All Good Neighbors


Following the conclusion of their run-in with the Aztechnology-run archaeology dig in Bosnia, the members of ‘REPO’ have all scattered globally, to follow up on each of their own agendas. With no plans for an immediate reunion, we find each of the runners swiftly moving waist-deep into their own kind of trouble.

Charles universityTaking up the invitation from Professor Balaji Martyn, whom he met at the Faustus Society gala in Frankfurt, Redge has traveled to Charles University in Prague to follow-up his interests in Arcanoarchaeology. Job and Max have both returned to Denver, but Max’s stay is going to be short – once he settles business with A-POS, he’s flying straight out to Chicago to settle his debt to the Anarchist Black Cross. Job returned to his garage to find signs of a failed break-in, with initial clues pointing in the direction of a long-lost ‘friend’. It’s rumored that Rasputin has returned to Denver as well, but his current location is unknown. Considering the prior happenings between him and the Warrens-based Vory, it may not stay that way for long.

The Phaistos disk has been given to Frosty, who promised that she wouldn’t keep them on such short warning the next time she needed REPO’s help – but considering the strange attitude of the man that she was last seen boarding the Draco Foundation jet with, that may very well be up in the air.

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